ACF03 - Terre D'Ombe Natural/Raw Earth Satin finish 14ml. Forstør

ACF03 - Terre D'Ombe Natural/Raw Earth Satin finish 14ml.


Colourcoats Enamel ACF03 - Terre D'Ombe Natural/Raw Earth Satin finish.

14ml. i metaldåse.

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Yderligere information

Colourcoats paints are either a matt or satin finish (each paint is detailed on the listing) this allows decals to often be applied directly to the colour without need for a varnish to avoid backing film silvering, whilst avoiding the excessive drying times and difficulties in getting an even coat when working with gloss paints. This also means Colourcoats is very quick drying for application of multiple coats/varnishes. Colourcoats is also highly opaque meaning that a single coat is often sufficient coverage. It can be sprayed with a suitable airbrush or brush painted. When brush painting multiple thinned coats are recommended with sable brushes.

Colourcoats can be thinned with either the standard quality solvent thinners - White Spirit in the UK/ Paint Thinners in the USA, or cellulose thinners/ lacquer thinners in the USA for rapid drying.

Solid pigments will tend to separate from the carrier solvent if sat still for long periods of time, so we strongly recommend thorough mixing before use.

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