Iwata Eclipse HP-SBS 0,35mm


Iwata Eclipse HP-SBS er en super god allround pistol der klarer de fleste opgaver på større overflader.

Den leveres med 0,35mm dysesæt og 3,8ml. kop. 

Flere detaljer

1 550,00 kr inkl. moms

Yderligere information

· Feed: gravity
· ø Fluid nozzle: 0,35 mm
· ø Needle: 0,35 mm
· Type: double action
· Capacity: 3,8 ml

The Eclipse SBS is excellent for these applications:
- Cosmetics
- Body Art
- Ceramics
- Fine Art
- T-Shirt/Textile Painting
- Sign Painting
- Model Painting
- Custom Automotive
- Hobby and Craft

This multi-purpose, high-paint-flow, high-detail Eclipse Series airbrush covers
a wide range of uses. Commonly used to spray premixed or heavier paints, it is
well suited for uses demanding precise control of spray when applying
moderate-to-large amounts of paint to a variety of surfaces and to various-sized

This Eclipse Series brush has established a new benchmark for
excellence in an all-purpose airbrush.

· Gravity-feed airbrush features a
unique 0.35-mm needle and nozzle combination for fine-detail spraying, but with
high-paint-flow capacity

Iwata Eclipse Series airbrushes feature an exclusive compression fit nozzle that is easy to clean and assemble. The quick flush cutaway handle allows easy access to the needle so that you can quickly empty the paint reservoir for cleaning. Iwata's spring-steel needle resists breakage and our needle packings are solvent resistant for longevity. Iwata Eclipse airbrushes come with a head cap spanner that is used to remove the head cap when accessing the nozzle. Also included is Iwata Lube, which is used to lubricate the needle and main lever mechanism. Hugely popular, Iwata Eclipse Series airbrushes offer all-star versatility.