4614 Candy Pigment Rootbeer 120ml Forstør

4614 Candy Pigment Rootbeer 120ml


4614 Candy Pigment Rootbeer 120ml

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Concentrated – Reduce Candy Pigment 3:1 4011 Flash Reducer

  Candy –
Pigments are transparent colors used for mid-coats over 4100 or 4300 Series Colors or as airbrush color. Colors are pigment-based, transparent colors, not dye-based (except for 4604 Brite Red), minimizing bleeding.

Candied effect observed after top-coat, gloss clear applied. Add 4501 Hot Rod sparkle White to any Candy – Pigment for pearl-flake candy color.

Sets Available: 4oz. Sets. Several to choose from, contact us for current sets and prices.
  Medium Sets for Motorcycle Paintjobs & Large Graphics.
  Large Sets for large vehicle and SUV paintjobs.
  Large & Medium Sets include sealer, metallic base, candy color & reducer.

Set Base Colors: Candy Colors 4601, 4602, 4603: 4331 Metallic White (coarse)
Candy Colors 4604, 4606 – 4616: 4102 Aluminum Base (med.)
  Candy Color 4605: 4333 Metallic Gold

  * substitutions OK, please inquire

Reducer Candy-Pigment Color 3:1 4011 Flash Reducer

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