Ny Dora Railway Gun Limited Edition! 1:35 Forstør

Dora Railway Gun Limited Edition! 1:35


1 stk. Glow2B Modellbau: Dora Railway Gun Limited Edition!

Kæmpe stor model i størrelse 1:35 med 3000 dele.

Modellen er 2 meter lang, 30cm bred og 53cm høj.

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The kit was awarded with the model of the year 2007 at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg.

The largest ever produced plastic model kit (polystyrene plastic) of a gun, including photo etched parts, screws, coil springs, aluminum rails and plastic track bed. The gun barrel is 1300 mm long and can be mounted movable (swiveling up). The kit includes 96 black plastic injection molded parts and 147 separate parts, including 80 wheels, 16 chassis frame parts and 6 gun barrel parts. The largest and most elaborate cannons in the world that were actually used were Dora and Schwerer Gustav. These special guns are often falsely referred to as railroad guns, but the short trackways served only to build and as a shooting curve to aim. The company Krupp built the two giant guns in the years 1937-1941. The guns had hydraulic push-crank locks, the gun consisted of a jacket tube and a core tube, which were stored in a tube cradle. This was mounted between two long carriage rails, which were mounted on intermediate carriers on the eight 5-axle bogies. The entire load was distributed on 2 parallel tracks. The gun received power through its own generator among other things for the electric motors on some of the axles for targeting. The only combat mission was the siege of Sevastopol Fortress on the Crimean Peninsula. From June 5 to July 2, 1942, 48 armor-piercing shells were fired at the city's fortifications, followed by another 5 shells with explosive grenades (4 at sea and one at Maxim Gorki I). Another target was a 30 meters in grown soil and submerged ammunition storage with the entire ammunition stock of Sevastopol for 2 years. 16 shots were fired at this target and a high column of smoke was observed.